Quick Tips For Buying Euro Crates

Quick Tips For Buying Euro Crates

Buying Euro Crates

Are you buying Euro Crates for your business? You will find crates of all shapes and sizes online. For many years now Euro Crates have long been the number one choice for the shipping industry. Why? A Euro crate can provide protection for almost any small item,  from batteries to bed sheets.

Exporta Global, a product handling expert based in the UK says that “Crates and boxes are key to the success of just about any business that requires the transportation of goods. Whether it’s by the company themselves or by a partner shipping company, without Euro crates and boxes the transportation of their products simply would not be possible”. This shows the importance of products like Eurocrates, they may be simple but they are extremely effective.

Benefits of Euro Crates

Whether you are interested in purchasing Euro containers, Euro crates or even stackable euro containers, they all share many benefits. First of all you will find that Euro Crates are extremely easy to clean. Many businesses opt for Euro crates as they are a simple, hygienic choice.

They can also be used time and time again due to their durable and long-lasting qualities, however, the main reason that businesses choose to use Euro crates is that they align to standard euro regulations. If you are unfamiliar with this, it means that no matter which company is shipping them, they know the dimensions, stacking ability, load time, etc.

Many businesses also buy this product in bulk as it saves money in the long run. The more euro crates that you purchase, the better the deal you are going to get. Product handling companies will outline all of the details about their products on their website, you can then choose the number of Euro crates you need and they can be sent to your business in a matter of days.


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Using Euro Stacking Containers

So now you know a bit more about plastic Euro crates, you may be wondering what they can be used for and what types of businesses use them. =

  1. Euro crates have been used in the food industry for storing and moving fruit, thanks to their hygenic qualities, supermarkets can use them a number of times.
  2. The light industry uses euro containers for storing parts.
  3. The electrical industry uses ESD Euro containers for storage of spares.
  4. E-commerce businesses can use this type of crate as an alternative to bins and trays.

We could be here for hours naming all of the things Euro containers can be used for. Due to the versatility of plastic Euro crates, your business will be making a very wise decision by investing in Euro crates of its own.


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Euro Crate Sizes

We found information about Euro crate sizes on the Exporta Global website. Euro crates can be purchased in two standard footprint sizes – 400x300mm and 600x400mm. As we have previously mentioned, universal sizing makes it possible for industrial and shipping companies to design and implement universal solutions. For years businesses that have been using euro crates as a product handling solution have integrated better, as they have been able to cut down on planning and logistical costs.



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