Month: August 2017

Modern Acne Treatments in Glasgow

Modern Acne Treatments in Glasgow

You do not have to travel far, as there is now a clinic for acne treatment in Glasgow. Alongside IPL, Dr Darren McKeown offers a number of treatments at his skin clinic in Glasgow. Darren has hundreds of clients based in Glasgow and he is best known for his amazing work in the plastic surgery industry. Dr Darren wants to offer bespoke treatments for IPL in Glasgow. He provides acene treatment in Glasgow that is unlike any other clinic. Glaswegians have seen a rise in IPL clinics in the city in recent years, however, Dr Darren offers a number of skin treatments which are suited to those of all skin types. By choosing a doctor like Darren, you are well and truly putting your care in the best of hands. Before any treatments, Darren offers his clients a consultation and patch test.  Continue reading “Modern Acne Treatments in Glasgow” »

Quick Festival Season Is Here!

Quick Festival Season Is Here!

Festival Season is nowhere near over! There are some great festivals in the UK that are extremely easy to get to. Wind, rain, sun or snow, the festival goers will be out in force this summer, covered in glitter and looking for a great time at some of the UK’s best festivals for 2017. If you still haven’t got your festival thrills, there is still time to book a ticket to one of the festivals featured below. Find out more about the UK festival scene this August/September below.


If you are looking for a festival that over something slightly different this summer, then pay a visit to this temporary town. This festival runs next weekend and costs  £202 (weekend), £177 (discounted for coach travellers). The line up includes a number of well-known acts including  Cypress Hill, MIA, Sugar Hill Gang, Dawn Penn, The Specials, Loyle Carner, Soweto Kinch, Toddla T, Booka Shade, Amy Becker, AJ Tracey. Impressive!

This festival may not be the first choice for many, however, it is an excellent choice for those who want to escape mainstream music. If you have been to this extraordinary festival before then you will know that it is held in the Matterley Bowl estate. The place is completely transformed into a  magical town full of hypnotic basslines and interesting installations.

The great thing about this festival it is known to be family­-friendly during the day, with something for everyone to enjoy. Once darkness hits, the beats take over and it is perfect for those who enjoy dub, ska and reggae.

V Festival

V Festival is an old favourite of ours and not wonder with acts like; Jay Z, Pink, Rudimental, Pete Tong, Craig David, Ellie Goulding, Jess Glynne, Stormzy, Dizzee Rascal, James Arthur, Krept and Konan all gracing their stage. You will find this hot list of celebs in Weston Park, South Staffordshire and Hylands Park, Chelmsford during the weekend of August 18-19.

This festival seems to have bottomless booking budget, something that we are not complaining about. You will always find a great line up at this festival and it never disappoints. After 22 years in the game, they know their audience and the festival is incredibly well done (if the sunshine is involved).


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Expanding Your Skillset With ITIL

Expanding Your Skillset With ITIL

We’ve all attended work-related training schemes. ITIL certification for office workers, offshore survival training for rig workers, or licensing training for hospitality staff; it doesn’t matter the industry or job, there will always been relevant training to attend. Often offsite and without fail always at the most inconvenient time, traditional training schemes are the bull in the china shop of workplace schedules and logistics.

There is one glimmer in the darkness of training to be thankful for; due to an increase in technological capabilities, real world training is dying out. Online training has been on a quiet but effective revolution of the training world for several years now, particularly in the areas of IT and business management.

The Benefits of Moving ITIL Certification and Other Training Online


David’s point on the technological advancement is a good one, and with far more reach than we might realise. Take Prince2 Training as an example. The business world has reached a point where it’s possible to drive a full business idea from concept to fruition from the small devices each and every one of us carries around in our pockets. Where before a course had to be researched, developed, tested, accredited, and distributed in physical forms, now these steps can all be achieved electronically, with the course then hosted online. The benefits of this are considerable:


Lower material cost – Rather than use physical materials to complete the course, employees will use electronic devices already in place in the office. This cuts down on the amount of physical copies that need to be produced by the provider, reducing their costs and therefore the costs of the company hiring them to provide the training course.



Ease of access – No longer will the battle for the conference room with Mary from HR dominate the work e-mail chain. Where before the training would be limited to a physical location, now it can be carried out anywhere. This removes the logistics of booking rooms for training or finding the appropriate time; now all employees can train in their own time, at their own space, in any location.


Reduction in wasted man hours – Previously, employees would have to take large amounts of time out of their working day to attend training. Traveling to a location, getting set up, the course itself, then returning back to work – these all take time out of the working day. Now, it’s possible to attend training without even leaving the desk, cutting out a large amount of wasted time.

How PMP Certification and Other Training Helps a Business


Many people write off training as a waste of time, usually with an argument along the lines of “It won’t teach anything that they don’t already know” or “It’s all just jargon anyway”. While there may be a grain of truth for the smallest proportion of both employees and courses respectively here, as a whole this is incorrect. Training such as ITIL certification ingrains certain techniques and knowledge in an individual so as to become second nature to them. This is the real purpose, to allow an employee to make confident, knowledge based decisions in far less time, saving the company money and increasing efficiency.



From an employees end, training is also beneficial. They gain a new array of skills that can often be applied across a multitude of situations. They also feel more valued as the company has invested money into their training; this, in turn, will boost morale and make for a more productive staff member. The final point is that clients are often more willing to take advice and direction off an individual who is trained in the relevant areas, giving your employee more pull in business situations.


A business overlooks staff training at their peril. Trained staff are happy and efficient staff, resulting in a more profitable company. Look into training today, be it PMP certification or any other form, to gain an edge over competitors.

Quick Tips For Buying Euro Crates

Quick Tips For Buying Euro Crates

Buying Euro Crates

Are you buying Euro Crates for your business? You will find crates of all shapes and sizes online. For many years now Euro Crates have long been the number one choice for the shipping industry. Why? A Euro crate can provide protection for almost any small item,  from batteries to bed sheets.

Exporta Global, a product handling expert based in the UK says that “Crates and boxes are key to the success of just about any business that requires the transportation of goods. Whether it’s by the company themselves or by a partner shipping company, without Euro crates and boxes the transportation of their products simply would not be possible”. This shows the importance of products like Eurocrates, they may be simple but they are extremely effective. Continue reading “Quick Tips For Buying Euro Crates” »

Project Managers Can Learn From Home

Project Managers Can Learn From Home

We all know the struggles of work life. Whether it’s being stuck in a dead-end job that’s going nowhere or being undervalued in your current position, we all have our inconveniences when it comes to the workplace. If only there was a way to break through that glass ceiling and improve your business skills so that you could dictate your own future. There is the very thing as it turns out. APMP Training. Continue reading “Project Managers Can Learn From Home” »