Rising Damp In The Local Church Of Saint Mark

Recently we were contacted over fears that the local church of saint mark could be suffering from a serious property issue. We immediately ventured over to the church to investigate and found that there was a significant amount of rising damp that was building up within the church. We  have made this article based on our experiences and to try and help anyone who may find themselves in somewhat similar circumstances at any point.

Rising damp

Understanding Why Property Issues Happen

Once we had found that property issue that had occurred in saint marks church , we found ourselves asking why property issues such as rising damp can occur in these types of properties and what may be the main causes behind these issues.  One of the main factors which we assume facilitated the rising damp within St Mark’s was the overall age of the building. It is a commonly known fact that the older a building is , the more likely it is to be susceptible to property issues and wear and tear. Unfortunately with St Mark’s , there just simply was not the maintenance or funds available when needed all the time in order to ensure that the building was in a good overall condition.

Another important reason why property issues such as rising damp can occur is lack of surveys and checks. its important that properties and buildings are checked periodically throughout the year to ensure that they are not suffering from serious property issues that could pose a threat to the property itself and those living or working in it. One of the major failures with saint Mark’s church was the lack of time spent planning maintenance. If you do wish to actively review and monitor your property , it is important to assign someone to this task to ensure that it gets done.

Although property issues mainly occur due to a lack of maintenance and planning , they can also come about as a result of extreme weather conditions. Within our local area , rain has become a common feature in day to day life. This means that often properties within the local area may suffer from similar issues such as damp and condensation. After had established that damp was present within the church we quickly established a group in order to address and tackle this issue. By liaising with church management we got in touch with several property repair specialists who quoted work for the property and assured us that the issue could be tackled promptly.

Our Experience With The Property Repair Specialists

Overall we found that the property repair specialists were highly skilled within their role and worked hard to ensure that the church was restored to its former glory. Thanks to their skills , expertise and knowledge we managed to gain a better overall understanding of property issues and why they might occur. We highly recommend that you carefully seek out and choose your property repair specialist company before having any work undertaken. This is because these companies are some of the most reliable and easiest to deal with.