Things to Consider Before Buying a Popcorn Machine

Things to Consider Before Buying a Popcorn Machine

Obtaining a new popcorn machine can be both challenging and overwhelming. You are

supposed to make a choice between the many available machines on the market. It can,

therefore, be very hard and hence very important to have a set criterion against which you

can gauge the effectiveness of your machine. In this article, we will be hinting at some of the

things that you need to consider when going out to shop for your favourite popcorn machine.

It is time to make the right choice!

Look at the wattage

If you are looking for a popcorn machine that will spend very little time while cooking, then you should consider obtaining a machine with a very high wattage. For example, for anyone planning to

obtain a home theatre machine, then he/she should expect less cooking or popping time. We

advise that you obtain a machine working at around 640 watts. However, if you are dealing

with small batches of popcorn, then you can purchase a machine of low wattage.


Size of kettle

Before going out to purchase a popcorn machine, it is very important that you know the

amount of popcorn that you will be preparing. Depending if you’re wanting to bulk buy your popcorn for parties or purchase it occasionally as a healthy snack you can choose a popcorn machine with a kettle big enough to hold that volume of popcorns you require. Apart from the size of the kettle, you can consider the following:

  • Manuals
  • Availability of the machine- How easily can you find it?
  • Availability and instructions in the user manual.


Quality of the machine

Before buying the machine, it is very important that you consider its quality by looking into

the material used in making it. If you are that person who makes popcorns regularly, then we

would advise that you consider obtaining a machine made of metal as opposed to plastic.

Don’t only rely on the images posted online to purchase a machine, instead, ask to see the

machine and if possible, request for a demo before paying up for the machine. Remember,

the durability of your machine will solely depend on the type of materials used.



Now coming to the mother of it all, the cost! Before going out to look for a popcorn machine,

it is very important that you have a clear budget that you can easily afford. Remember that,

obtaining something new should never put you into a financial crisis. You can start with

something cheap and then upgrade later. Popcorn machines of different sizes and prices are

available and so you should be able to get the one that best suits your needs and situation.


Manufacturer’s warranty

Before obtaining a popcorn machine, you should be familiar with the type and terms of the

warranty that they offer. Don’t let the length of the warranty alone convince you, rather, look

into the firm’s reputation and how they deal with customers. The best company is the one

with good customer service care and not necessarily long warranty periods.

Finally, we want to wish you all the best as you go out there to purchase your new popcorn

machine. We hope that you will like your new product and that this article will come in handy

to help you when making this very important decision.

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