Why Do Brits Love Tea So Much?

On average, Brits drink more than 60 billion mugs of tea a year, making it the nation’s most loved hot drink.  Tea has become a symbol of friendship, as sharing a cup of tea with the ones that we love, is the time that we often take for granted.

From a classic cup of Tetley to a mug of mixed berry tea, Brits are experts in homeware ceramics. Brittish retailers have big mugs that are perfect for every Sunday brunch, just browse through their online range.

Why Do Brits Love Tea?

A YouGov survey of more than 2,000 British people showed that an average British person drinks 884 cups of tea per year.That’s enough to fill two bath tubs but only works out at two and a half cups a day.

Cohens have also revealed that our favourtie drink is addictive “The ‘wake-me-up’ properties of tea and coffee can become addictive. The chemical in both coffee and tea that stimulates our nervous system is caffeine, which is also found naturally in cacao beans, used to make chocolate. Tea also contains a small amount of a more potent stimulant, theophylline.”


Do You Have a Favourite Mug?

Morning, noon or night, a mug of tea is the perfect way to take a break. Many would argue that there is nothing more comforting than a warm mug of rich tea, especially when you are drinking it out of your favourite mug.

Over 60% of people say that they have an emotional attachment to their favourite mug, that is why we offer a personalised mug service. Our customers can have their names printed on the handle of their custom mug design, making MS Mugs a perfect gift for tea lovers.

Orla Kiely

Irish fashion designer Orla Kiely has created a range of retro mugs. This extremely fashionable range is the perfect addition to any stylish home. Orla’s newest range is already up on online and can be purchased online for next day delivery.


Alice Scott

Say it with a mug. Alice Scott has a range of quirky mugs that feature on a number of Brittish retailers websites.  The mug designer has a number of new additions to her humorous collection of sayings.  If you are looking for the perfect gift for a new homeowner, a selection of these funny mugs will definitely put a smile on their face.

Alice Melvin

These days Mugs come in a range of sizes and can be changed by request. If you are looking for a mug design that will really stand out in your home, choose one by Scottish illustrator and designer and Alice Melvin. Alice’s distinctive style has won a number of awards and her mugs will certainly impress your guests.